The company’s name is a combination of “S.L.S” which means “Sea.Land.Sky” and “Technology”.

Our vision is to become one of the leading companies in the Vietnam market about providing the high technical solutions and advanced scientific equipment. SLS Technology is currently the representative and partner of many leading equipment and software manufacturers in the world such as Thermtest (Canada), Syscom Instruments (Swithzerland), Profound (Netherland), Sensor & Software (Canada), 3GSM (Austria), Niryo (France), Roboception (Germany), Clearpath Robotics (Canada), LIM Logging SA (France), Ditect Corporaation (Japan), …

We always focus on building a dynamic, flexible, professional and efficient business to meet all customer’s needs by good quality solutions, equipment and technical services after sales.

“PRESTIGE – QUALITY – RESPONSIBILITY” are values ​​that are always appreciated and directed at S.L.S Technology.